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Financial Services and Insurance

Ethics of using AI in the Financial/Banking industry

AI In The Financial Sector: The Ethics Of Algorithms

As banks turn to artificial intelligence, security and ethics risks emerge

The Asset Management Industry Should Take the Lead on A.I. Standards


The Ethical Implication of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence adoption & ethical considerations for legal  providers

Legal Ethics: The Ethical Dilemma of Artificial Intelligence

New in Artificial Technology, Ethics, and the Practice of Law

Ethical Issues in Robo-Lawyering: The Need for Guidance on Developing and Using Artificial Intelligence in the Practice of Law(Require access)


Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

AI in Healthcare: Data Privacy and Ethics Concerns

Rethinking Medical Ethics

AI For Healthcare: Balancing Efficiency and Ethics

AI in Autonomous Transportation

A Study on Driverless-Car Ethics Offers a Troubling Look into Our Values

Are We Programming Killer Cars? The Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles

Artificial Intelligence in Transport

Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems Legal Update

Building trust in autonomous vehicles: The AI and ethics challenge

Self-driving cars, robots: Identifying AI ‘blind spots’


Trust in Ethical Journalism

What are the ethics of using AI for journalism? A panel at Columbia tried to tackle that question

Automated Journalism and Freedom of Information: Ethical and Juridical Problems Related to AI in the Press Field

Ethics Guidelines for Immersive Journalism

How Innovative Newsrooms Are Using Artificial Intelligence

As AI enters newsrooms, journalists have urgent responsibility


The Balance of AI, Ethics and the Military

Ethics and Emerging Military Technology (EEMT): Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Pentagon Seeks a List of Ethical Principles for Using AI in War

Is there room for ethics and the law in military AI?

AI ethics and the military: A tangled web