Who are we?

My name is Abbey, I work for Microsoft and have over 15 years of experience in Ethics and Compliance. I personally created this site during my maternity leave a while back to stay on-top of Ethical AI related news and resources as it appeared.

As I talked to more people at AI related events and at random dinner parties or meet-ups, I realized I wasn’t the only one interested in this topic. So I decided to make a website and share this resource with the public.

This site came out from my interest in the growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as realizing some of the challenges the field faces as it as it develops. One of them being how to ensure that it is safe, fair, inclusive, and transparent for all that use it or are affected by it. The other is how to take the high level Ethical AI principles and practically implement them into your product or organization.

My hope is that this website can help draw attention to possible Ethical AI related issues, and help contribute in the dialogue in finding practical solutions to them.

Please note: This site is not the author of many of the articles linked, unless explicitly stated. Our goal is to help bring emerging articles and resources to a larger audience as the field of Ethical AI develops.