How can managers use AI ethically? | HRD America – Human Resources Director

According to Dr Donald, AI bias will likely be systematic, derived from the system and originating programmer, where those purchasing it will have the same base bias that can permeate through organisations, industries and even the world.

“It is possible that bias could remain hidden, so potentially locking out millions of workers without managers even knowing about it,” said Dr Donald.

“Managers today are regularly trained about how to not discriminate despite any inherent bias they may have against the aged, gender, or even people with red hair.”

In the main society values, business rules and the legal system reduce and prevent blatant discrimination and bias in modern workplaces, he added.

AI bias and error may be much harder to understand, identify and prevent than the human equivalent, and much harder to include laws and society values as AI creates new transactions and ways of working.

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