Turkcell Lays Out AI Principles – Mobile ID World


Turkcell, Turkey’s leading mobile phone operator, has announced the creation of its own Artificial Intelligence (AI) Principles, guidelines aimed at committing it to the ethical and responsible use of AI technologies, making it the first company in Turkey to do so.

At a press conference held by the company at its Istanbul headquarters, Turkcell revealed its seven AI Principles: “We are human and environment centric”, “We are professionally responsible”, “We respect data privacy”, “We are transparent”, “We are security-based”, “We are fair”, “We share and collaborate for a better future”.

“AI should be raised like children and we commit to teach better as responsible parents,” Turkcell CMO Omer Barbaros Yis said in a statement, in which he emphasized that AI directly reflects the data that feeds into systems. “Today we share our principles and our commitment to help AI have socially beneficial impacts for our customers and society at large. We are proud to become the first company to contribute to AI ethics in Turkey. The field will continuously expand and we will witness its transformative impacts in our daily lives,” he added.

Speaking to the importance of AI applications being developed in Turkey and the advantages they offer to those developed abroad, Turkcell CIO Serkan Ozturk said, “National and local AI algorithms that understand our needs, culture, language and its structure are required to train AI technologies. We use AI technologies almost in every aspect of our core business and drive significant benefits. Out of these efforts, Yaani Assistant’s competence to think and understand Turkish will underline its distinction from other assistants after its soon launch.”

Turkcell intends to use its seven AI Principles to develop and improve next-gen technologies and services.

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