The US wants Europe to relax its AI regulations – Medium

Well, in the next bit of the quote, the White House argues that avoiding overregulation of AI is a countermeasure for authoritarian uses of AI (that’s code for China, by the way), which in turn will ensure that the technology evolves in a manner consistent with our common values. Common values, it says. Hmm. The EU has GDPR, while the US has nothing of the sort. The EU has been strongly questioning the American social media giants’ usage of user data, while the US has been quite lax. The US police have a history of falsifying data while targeting minorities, the EU at large tries not to. But I guess by common values they are referring to the overarching notion of human rights, which China is violating through their mass surveillance? As if the world has already forgotten the 2013 scandal in which it was revealed that the US had been tracking and spying on EU citizens? What are these “common values” even supposed to mean?

Oh, but wait, there’s more.

Have another White House quote, from the same statement, on the house:

“I think the examples in the U.S. today at state and local levels are examples of overregulation, which you want to avoid on the national level. So when particular states and localities make decisions like banning facial recognition across the board, you end up in tricky situations where civil servants may be breaking the law when they try to unlock their government-issued phone.”

Do you know what they are referring to?


The state of California at large has completely banned the usage of AI facial recognition in body cameras, while some cities have even banned the technology altogether, including San Francisco.

Here’s the thing about California. They know this technology better than anyone. California is the biggest tech center in the world. In fact, there are only two tech metropolises in the world — one is on the American west coast, the other on the Chinese east coast. This is where you will find 18 of the 20 biggest tech companies. Like our good pal Navi the fairy likes to say, “listen,” if the people who know technology better than anyone is issuing a ban, don’t you think it’s time to listen?

But of course the White House is fighting AI regulations, hell, they came into power thanks to lax regulations which allowed them to harvest data from social media, which in turn allowed them to make 220 million personality profiles for Americans, which then allowed them to target American citizens in the world’s largest AI campaign, which finally allowed them to win the presidency.

But of course the White House is fighting AI regulations, hell, they came into power thanks to lax regulations which allowed them to harvest data from social media.

Believe it or not, but I am actually a strongly progressive person who is very passionate about innovations. I believe that experimenting with new technologies, trialing solutions and exploring new domains is what drives humanity forward. And I am extremely passionate about artificial intelligence. I have created guides for creating business value with AI. I believe that AI is the biggest thing to happen to humanity since the industrial revolution and that it will reshape our lives for the better. I think AI is a wonderful thing that companies should try to utilize in as many ways as possible.

But even I know that there are lines. Lines that have been crossed many times already. Discrimination through AI is real. Very real. Very, very real.

Here’s my suggestion instead.

Let’s not protect our supposed common values by avoiding overregulation. Let’s avoid underregulation.

P.S. Don’t worry America, you are doing pretty darn well in terms of AI innovations.

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